Difference Between Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting

VPS has certainly become one of the most favoured options as a hosting platform. It is extremely faithful and option rich, and involves much lesser expense in comparison. Basically, VPS hosting is of two types; the Managed VPS hosting, and unmanaged VPS hosting. Let’s have a dig at both systems that can be helpful in differentiating those.

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Dig at Managed VPS hosting

Common characteristics:

In this case, the host takes complete responsibility of the applications associated. Your requests are often spontaneously upgraded by the system. The managed VPS hosting is different from one house to the others. In some cases it is like something that assists in updating the base of the operating system. The best part about the hosting is that you can always ensure of minimal to no downtime. These are having the flaw management system.

Improved Protection system:

Issues like protection in case of networks of information are controlled by susceptibility tests, efficient firewalls, and check of doubtful traffic driving ways. Managed hosting ensures you with the best speed. The support systems remain active 24 x 7.

Flexible, nice back-up, customized and cost-effective:

As there are negligible shared houses, one doesn’t have to drag the resources among other customers. You can alter the sizes of your hard drive, and make fresh one without terminating the system. It offers the back-up that is simply exemplary. You can always shift in terms of server, in case one gets down, and you need more efficiency. VPS usually cost much higher. If you choose VPS from Bluehost hosting then there is also no exception on cost. You can surely use Bluehost maximum discount coupon to save some money on Bluehost VPS plans. Irrespective of the tool it is perfectly customized. The best part among all is that it involves no secret fees, extra fees, or something like that.

Drawbacks with VPS hosting

It is not recommended for the smaller business groups as it involves higher costs. In this case, the host takes care of all your issues, but, sometime you need some flexibility over control, but there is no way available. Even the decisions are taken by these houses.

Don’t go with it in a rush, as the starting set-up process needs some time. Setting the applications, or equipments are quite specific, hence you need some patience to have. Going with a faithful VPS host is also crucial.

Dig at Unmanaged VPS hosting

As the name suggests, you need to be technically sound. One must have the complete knowledge over operating system and applications, apart from the starting OS installation Even, the updates, backup, and safeguarding issues have to be taken care by the users. In short, this is like dealing with a dedicated server.

The prime advantage is that as you have the full control over the process, it is never easy to go through your data. You can maintain the server, and protection issues the way you wish. In this case also the hard drive sizes can be changed. However, the best part is the cost involved is considerably low in case of Bluehost web hosting service with Bluehost coupons..

Final verdict: managed or unmanaged

The small to medium business organization prefer unmanaged VPS hosting with some knowledge. On the other hand, for the larger groups Managed VPS is a good choice as they don’t need hiring extra man power, or spend extra time in dealing with server maintenance issues. You should read more info about VPS and other hosting plans on easywaytohosting.com. If marketing or business is your prime goal, then managed VPS should be your pick. And, if you have to deal with different applications, then unmanaged VPS is a good choice.

5 reasons that you should avoid any free WordPress Hosting

If you are starting a new website, you would require a hosting space as well as a domain name. There are a lot of platforms available to you like BlogSpot and WordPress.com but all of these come along with a lot of limitations and you would require a professional support and approach in order to get a site that is self hosted. One of the easiest methods to accomplish this is to get a WordPress Blog for which you will need a domain and also a WordPress compatible hosting company like Bluehost Hosting etc.

avoid free hostingProblem associated with Free Web hosting

We all know the fact that free web hosting are very cheap and you do not have to spend a single penny for it, but at the same time you must know that all the Webhosting services use this free model in order to promote their services.  IF you want to read further on webhosting stuff then check HostingDecisions blog, So here are the top 5 reasons why one should avoid any free WordPress Webhosting.

1.      The Webhosted Blog can die anytime.

This is the main drawback of free WordPress webhosting. Of course the service is going to inform you before doing so but there is no use of it. You have to move all of your content to the new server, also if the company just decides to close the fresh registrations, then you can redirect the previous links to the new domain, but in case the they close their service completely, you won’t be able to redirect the previous links then which in return will result into death of your old links.

2.      Free Hosted Blog could not be Sold

This is one truth that is very hard to digest, but yes you cannot set your free hosted blog simply because it is not your property. It is mentioned in almost all the WordPress service conditions that you cannot sell, share or even transfer your blog to anyone else. You may think that you can sell it secretly to someone else, but in case the BlogSpot identifies it, your blog will be closed immediately and will be removed from the search engine in no time.

3.      No Safety

We do not want to threat you again and again but this has been happening a lot in the past few years. The free hosting service providers do not spend single money on the security issues. So you data may be vulnerable to various hackers online waiting to destroy or play with your data.

4.      No Control on the servers Resources

Most of the free WordPress services do not provide the user the control over their blog server resources. So in case your blog becomes very popular in dig then most probably it will be certainly going down.

5.      Do Not Fall for Non – Guaranteed promises

You should do not divert your mind and fall for the false advertisements that come in from of your eyes time to time. You should understand that no one will provide you anything free without receiving any kind of returns.


We understand that you do not want to spend much on your blogs, but for that you can select a cheap and reliable hosting service which falls under your budget, instead of going for a free one. You can check out Bluehost hosting and coupon code for Bluehost to save huge money on it. You must always try to build a home present in your own land.

VPSs Vs. Dedicated Servers


We all know that shared web hosting is the most basic web-hosting plan, which you should choose, when we have a choice! Although there are different hosting plans such as Virtual Private Servers, cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting, shared web hosting seems to be the best when we consider its features such as flexibility of usage, relatively lower price range, minimal user interface, abilities to manage websites or blogs easily etc. However, once your site / blog breaks that threshold of disk space, bandwidth and server performance, a shift becomes inevitable, which leads to confusion – between VPS and Dedicated Servers. We have to admit the fact that VPS and dedicated server are, of course, complicated enough to create confusion in between, as the only thing that differentiates –at least literally — both is that ‘virtual’ label.

In this article, we will compare different aspects of VPS and dedicated servers, so that you will have a clear idea when it comes to upgrading server resources and capabilities for your website or blog. We will cover sections such as flexibility, price range, ease of use etc. Before doing so, however, we would like to give you an effective introduction to both VPS and dedicated servers.

VPS & Dedicated Server – An Overview

As some of you might know, a Virtual Private Server – commonly known as VPS – is a virtual web server. For most of purposes, a VPS is compatible with a physical web server, but for some others it is not. Unlike dedicated server, VPSs are hosted on a computer, which also hosts other websites. Literally, your server is yours in virtual sense only. There are two kinds of VPSs available in market – managed VPS and unmanaged counterpart. In the managed version, you can use the server as if you are managing a shared hosting account, but the latter requires you to have a bit technical experience.

Nevertheless, case of dedicated servers is quite different. When you own a dedicated server, you really mean that its ownership is exclusively is yours, and no other sites would be hosted in that server. Actually, what you do is leasing a server from web-hosting provider for a specific time period. You have entire control on this server when compared to the former.

Now, we will move on to different sections of both these services. As the first aspect, we will check out which of these is better in terms of money you have to spend.

What You Have to Pay

We hope price of these services will be a significant factor you will consider. In this aspect, however, VPSs are better, as you can grab a VPS by spending around $16 each month. If you are a blogger and looking forward to upgrade the hosting section of blog, we shall say VPS is quite affordable.

However, when it comes to dedicated server, there is an amazing change in terms of price. For instance, it will need you to pay around $200 to buy a basic dedicated server, which is very huge when compared to that of VPS. So, when we talk in terms of price, VPS is preferable to dedicated server.

Access to Server

Literally speaking, there is barely difference between VPS and dedicated servers when we take the case of access to server and VPS. In both cases, you get complete access to administrative level control of server; but difference is that in case of VPS, Operating System works on a virtual environment, whereas in dedicated server, it is physical server. It means there is no much difference between unless you consider that virtual-physical thing as a major factor.

Control over Resources

When it comes to access to resources and control, dedicated server is better, because it lets you consume maximum resources of web server, as there are no other sites hosted in it. Nevertheless, the case of VPS, resources is shared, which means you will have to compromise with server speed or other resources if someone uses more resources. However, fact has it that sites or blogs barely require that much resources to run, unless processes are that heavy. So, you can, without any doubt, go for VPS than dedicated server. Moreover, VPSs help you shift from shared web hosting to VPS with ease. Checkout review of HostGator for more details.

Supported Services

When we consider case of supported features, such as scripts to install CMSs, site-builders etc, there is a tie, because such are available in both VPS and dedicated servers. So, why shouldn’t we give prioritize low-priced ones, then?


Reviewing all these aspects, it has become clear that VPS is preferable to dedicated server, unless you need THAT a heavy server resources. Indeed, it will suit blogs and sites looking forward to upgrade.

Ways to Expand Your Blog’s Reader Base

When trying to expand the audience for your blog, the real trick is getting your blog’s URL in front of a new set of eyes. Too often, the methods we use to promote our blog reach the same audience over and over again. Growing readership means hooking the interest of those who don’t already know your blog exists. To grow your blog readership, begin thinking outside the box, and coming up with new ways of reaching consumers who would be genuinely interested in what you have to offer.


1. Social Networking

It seems obvious, but unless you are using them all, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social networking groups are competitors. They do not attract the same customer bases. If you are not promoting your blog on every last one of them, you are missing out on an opportunity to introduce yourself to people. Research one new social network a week and develop a plan for promoting your blog through that venue.

2. Physical Visibility

Not everyone lives their life seated at a computer. While you may be tempted to believe that looking for readers online is good enough, you will be better served to look for non-internet based methods of promoting your blog. Get a window sticker for your car. Get your blog included on the sponsor list for local charities. Hang flyers or business cards in local business windows, or on local corkboards. Just get creative and look for opportunities to let people know you exist.

3. Beg, Borrow, and Steal

Invite a guest blogger to write an article for your blog. Then, link your blog to their webpage or blog. This will bring their followers to your page, and instantly doubles your visibility. Look for a blogger who has a blog that is in some way related to yours, but does not overlap yours in terms of marketing. For example, if you keep a blog on the healing properties of herbs, you might invite someone who focuses on acupuncture to your site to do a guest column.

4. Communicate Well

As obvious as it seems, you need to be communicating well to grow your readership, and to retain readers who come your page. They need to feel invited into your world, personally. There are several ways to do this. First, travel to other blogs and post comments. Aim for 10 comments a day; dedicate half of them to commenting on blogs of people you have had no previous contact with, and half of them to commenting on blogs that are run by your readers. Second, don’t be afraid to share personal stories in your blog. Get off track and take time to talk about yourself at least once a week. Finally, make sure you are posting regularly. If you do not post on a regular basis, your readers will lose contact with you and lose interest in your blog.

Blogging is really just journaling publicly, and with a purpose in mind. Even if it is business related, it should be a conversation between you and your readers. The more interactive and interesting the conversation, the more your readership will grow. Dedicate yourself today to reaching a new audience, and finding ways to speak to their needs.